Honorable Mention – Emily H.

Honorable Mention – Emily H.

Cyborg Cats – Emily H.

I was walking home when it happened. The invasion. They came from nowhere and attacked. Well not from nowhere. Cats had been disappearing from all over the world. We should’ve seen it coming. Their only intent? The annihilation of the human race. The world was under attack.

I walked down the street. Something shiny caught my eye. The sun glinted off the metallic creature’s back. The feline was stalking the street with his back turned to me. I cautiously backed into an alley. My foot hit a can and sent it clattering back into the passageway. The cat slowly turned my way. I turned and ran with the cat hard on my heels. My heel hit the back of a discarded watering can; the can flew, spraying its muddy rain water on the cat and the cyborg started malfunctioning, sending off electrical sparks. I stared, awestruck as the metal coating fell off, revealing a small ball of white fur. Even though fear gripped my heart, I forced my body to run.

I ran through the street, trying to find my house, maybe I would be able to get help from my parents. I plowed through the cats. They were coming on fast and thick. Soon, I had a horde of cats following in my wake. I shoved my front door open and ran past my living room. The cats were catching up and ten of them had. I went down under a mound of scratching cats. I stood up as quickly as I could, shoving the cats aside. I bolted to the bathroom, leaping up onto the bathtub, I grabbed the removable shower head and turned the water on. The cats armor fell away to reveal their colored fur. They stopped attacking me.

Maybe the metal coating controlled their minds? Who knew? All I knew was I didn’t have time for this question. Sweat beaded on my forehead as I waded through the cats and left my house. I ran through the streets to the fire station. The doors flung open as I ran through them to the Firefighter Chief.

“Yes? How may I help you?” He asked, remarkably calm considering the situation.

“I know how to get rid of the cats! Water! Water gets rid of the metal coating! They’re controlled by the armour!” I shouted frantically, sweat pouring off my body. He thought for a moment then decided to try my idea.

“Sound the alert! Bust all the hoses out! Call out the fire fighters! Release all the water extinguisher, thing-a-ma-gummies!”

The firemen drove through the streets, squirting all the cats. They finally sprayed all the cats, and drove back through the streets to the firehouse. Cheers rang through the streets. “ELAINA! ELAINA!” I’m not a heroine. Even though I was treated like one. I was the ‘heroine’ for a fleeting couple of months before everything was back to normal. I like it that way: normal. As it should be. The city was returned to its former glory.