Honorable Mention – Dillon S.

Honorable Mention – Dillon S.

The Bomby Bros in “Don’t Cry Over Killed Milk!” – Dillon S.

It was a normal day in the Bomby bros house. Red was punching things, Orange was mutilating his bed, Blue was crying, Green was puking, Purple was scared of the crows outside, Yellow was full of glee, and Black just lived normally.

Black went into the fridge to find that the milk was empty and carton crushed!

“Are you kidding me?!” Black yelled. He blew the emergency whistle and everyone lined up in front of the fridge.

“Which one of you ruined my 2017 limited edition Lady Pasta Milk Carton?” He demanded an answer.

“I’m pretty sure it was Orange. You know how much of a lunatic he is!” Purple started.

Orange slowly turned to him with a sharp grin on his face, staring at him. “You know I was at the grocery store. Why would you lie about me?” He said holding a fork. “In fact, youwere the last one to be in the kitchen.” Orange stated.

“I was turning the lights off. Plus, I saw Blue crying like he spilled something…something like MILK!!!”

Blue started to cry. “You always blame me!” The entire floor was covered in his tears. “If it wasn’t Orange, Purple, or Blue… Then it had to be Green!” Black shouted. “Wait, how come I’m not a suspect?! I wanted to play!” Red whined as he punched the fridge, leaving a dent in it.

“You’re lactose intolerant. Plus, Green probably crushed it and forgot to throw it away after accidentally puking in it.” Black held up the bottle. It had tiny green drips in it.

“By the way, where is he?” Blue asked. Green crawled his way in slowly, sneezing in theprocess.

“How is he even alive?” Black asked.

“Because he just has a condition, not a disease.” Yellow stated, crushing other dairyproducts.

“Aha! So it was you! I knew Green was too lazy to even touch milk!” Red shouted whilepointing at him.

“But why dairy products?” Green questioned. “And why are there green drips inside ofthem?” said Purple.

“I think you guys must be blind. If you don’t remember, Green puked in the dairy aisle when we got these. The drips soaked in and became one with the food, so I’m crushing them todrip it out like a cute sponge!” Yellow exclaimed.

“Oh. Well if you excuse me I think I’m gonna hurl.” Green stated. “Noooo!” everyone shouted.