Honorable Mention – Cara W.

Honorable Mention – Cara W.

Abandoned – Cara W.

He had been abandoned. The family picked up and moved. He remembered how calm he felt, settled into his Sedan at the end of the driveway, positioned so he had clear view of the front room through the window. There was Cindy, a red-haired toddler who loved apple juice. There was Kyle, who commuted from home every day his freshman year. And the mother, Julie. She raised the kids alone, although he was always just outside the window, watching.

Bedtime was his favorite. He rested against Julie’s window, watching as she covered her body with silky pajamas and got into the bed too big to sleep in alone. Then there was a flurry of moving vans and for sale signs and, suddenly, there was a middle-aged, childless couple living in the home he had watched for years. His family was gone.

The new family never locked the door until they went to bed. Percy rubbed the knife handle between his pointer finger and thumb, taking comfort in the sharp breath he drew in when his finger slipped onto the cold metal.

He smiled as he thought of his own family. He closed his eyes, sighing deeply as he pictured Julie’s beautiful hair framing her face. Then he saw her climbing into the moving van. He pictured the way she left him. He slammed the door open, shooting both knees of the woman when she stood up. A strangled cry escaped her mouth as she fell onto the freshly cleaned wood.

He moved swiftly through the hall to the living room, finding the man running towards him. A quick shot to the forehead and he was on the ground.

“I’m sure you’re a bit confused,” Percy spoke quietly to the woman, desperately trying to pick herself up from the blood pooling on the floor.

“Why are you doing this?”

“I used to live here. My family was happy.” He drew closer, pointing the dagger at her. “Then they decided to move. If you hadn’t placed an offer, I would’ve had more time to make them stay.” He stabbed the blade into her shoulder as she lunged for him. “Her name was Julie. I was in love with her. She left me even though we were in love. You helped her leave me!” he screamed, standing up quickly, dropping the dagger and pulling out the butcher knife all in one swift motion. He brought it down to the woman’s chest with as much force as he could gather, pulling it out and plunging it back in as many times as he could before she became lifeless.

He heaved with each breath, dropping all the weapons and taking slow steps to the staircase, leaving a bloody trail on the railing from the tips of his fingers. He moved towards the master bedroom, finding the bed almost identical to how Julie had it. He eased onto the bed, resting his head where he dreamed of it being so many nights before.