Honorable Mention – Brodie C.

Honorable Mention – Brodie C.

HIVE – Brodie C.

As he stared at the setting sun in the distance, Charlie frowned. The world around him was slowly fading into the darkness of the fast-approaching night. He looked around for any possible threats to him, and headed back to camp. You see, Charlie lived after the apocalypse. He had survived the impossible, and faced the unthinkable every day. As he began trudging slowly back to base camp, he heard a sound. An unmistakable sound. He listened ever so carefully. Yes, this was it. This was the HIVE. This was the reason humans were almost extinct. The HIVE was a disease that linked the minds of all humans who had it. Charlie and everyone back at camp were immune. But Megan, the camp doctor said their immunity may be wearing off.

As he heard the HIVE approaching, he decided to run. The hive was no more than a minute behind him. It kept moving. Faster and faster. Closer and closer. Then, it reached out with its mind. The HIVE was trying to speak with him.

“I see you.” said a voice in Charlie’s head.

“WE SEE YOU.” it continued.

Charlie ran faster. He had to get away from it. He had to find a way out of that chasm of minds. That void to insanity.

“HIVE sees you.”

And with that, Charlie lost all grip on consciousness and slipped away. He saw memories. Painful ones. He saw memories he didn’t recognise. He saw people he didn’t know. He controlled them. He saw what they were thinking. He saw what they were

doing. He saw everything. Was this the HIVE? Was this what it was like in that endless mess?

Charlie snapped awake, relieved it was a dream. He felt the warm rays of sunlight hitting him from through the blinds. He looked around. He saw his room. He scanned for anything out of place. But there wasn’t anything. Everything was where it should be. He looked at his alarm clock. It read 8:32 am. He got up to make himself cereal. As he stepped outside to get fresh air, he heard something. A loud and obnoxious screech. It was an siren. People were screaming and dying all around him. The siren kept going. It seemed like another dream. Was it? No…. it couldn’t be. Charlie kept staring at the horrifying sight from underneath a free that had fallen over. He realised. These were things that had happened in his dream. The apocalypse had started. He had dreamed up his worst nightmare, and his worst nightmare was coming for him. And all along, the voice in the back of his mind said:

“I see you. We see you. YOU ARE HIVE”